Nomex® Thread

Nomex® Thread

Nomex® is renowned for its flame resistant properties and is extensively used in the production of protective clothing, filtration and cabling.

Nomex® compares favourably with nylon and polyester fibres due to its resistance to flexing. It does not melt and has extremely low flammability. At temperatures above 371ºC, the fibre degrades to a friable char at a rate proportional to the intensity of the heat source. Any flame produced during oxidation is self-extinguishing when the fibre is withdrawn from the source of the heat.

With a good resistance to many chemicals, Nomex® is highly resistant to most hydrocarbons and many other organics solvents. Is also exhibits good resistance to alkalis at room temperature but is degraded by strong alkalis at elevated temperatures. It is unaffected by fluorine compounds that are present in gases from metallurgical and rock processing operations.

Nomex® is degraded by ultraviolet waves of natural and artificial light; so where strength is of a critical nature, precautions should be taken to protect it from the direct rays of the sun and other sources of ultraviolet light. Nomex® does, however, have an outstanding resistance to radiation.