Embroidery Threads & Supplies

Embroidery Threads & Supplies


Somac stock a full range of machine embroidery threads and embroidery supplies all of which can be bought online using this link, by calling our sales team on 01244 680506, or by filling in an enquiry form below.

Kingstar® 40 Polyester Embroidery Thread

Available in 600 shades on 5000m, 2000m and 1000m spools.

Kingstar 40 embroidery thread is a true multi-filament polyester which is soft to the touch and actually has more sheen and lustre than the vast majority of traditional rayon embroidery threads.

Kingstar® Metallic

Available in 15 shades on 1000m spools

Kingstar metallic thread offers a selection of golds, silver and eye catching colours. This thread has been developed to run on your existing machines without adjustments.

Royal Rayon® Embroidery Thread

Available in 500 shades on 5000m spools or 1000m cops.

A 100% rayon product our Royal 40 high sheen offers optimum sewing performance and a superior finish.

For more information email our sales team [email protected]



Somac supply a full range of embroidery underthread, pre-wound bobbins. We are the UK distributor for Vilene® backing products on rolls or as cut squares.

We supply Groz-Beckert® and Schmetz® needles in a variety of sizes to suit every need from general embroidery to denim and webbing.

Our Peggy’s® Stitch-erasers have proved to be worthwhile investment – save money and eliminate waste. Available as plug-in and rechargeable

We provide a range of scissors, cleaning guns, silicon sprays and temporary adhesives.

Somac carry large stocks of all their threads. Next day delivery is available.

This list of thread applications is not exhaustive so if you require further assistance please use the enquiry form below or contact the sales team on 01244 680506 and our expert team of thread technicians will be delighted to answer your query.