Industrial Monofilament




We supply monofilament produced of three raw materials and in a range of package sizes. All are suitable for industrial uses and we also offer food safety grade monofilament, for use in the food packaging industry. See below for details:

Polyester Monofilament

Polyester monofilament is developed making use of the Polyester polymer; showing an excellent dimensional stability it performs a higher resistance to temperature if compared to Polyamide during the fabric finishing phase. It is suitable for creating filtration fabrics, curtain rail, screen printing, conveyor belts and for all those fields where a first class resistance to abrasion and acids is required.

0.07mm – 0.10mm on a Cop

0.10mm – 0.17 mm on a Din 200

0.18mm – 0.40 mm on a Din 200 / Din 250

0.45mm – 0.90mm on a Din 355

1.00mm – 1.50mm on a Din 200 / Din 250 / Din 355

20/1 Semi Dull 2kg metal cop
30/1 Semi Dull 2kg metal cop


Nylon Monofilament

Nylon monofilament is developed using the Polyamide polymer 6 or 6.6 according to the different needs. It is mainly addressed to those articles, which require a good resistance to temperatures together with an excellent dimensional stability during the finishing phases. These articles are easy to be recognized in filtration fabrics, ribbons and in all the industrial textiles in general.

0.07mm – 0.12mm on a Cop

0.15mm – 0.20mm on a Din 200

0.22mm – 0.50mm on a Din 200 / Din 250

0.70mm – 1.80mm on a Din 355


Polypropylene Monofilament

Polypropylene monofilament is developed using the Polypropylene polymer. It is a polyolefinic thermoplastic, which lets the obtained tissue show an excellent resistance to acids; this is why it is mainly employed in the filtration field.

0.08mm – 0.12mm on a Cop

0.15mm – 0.50mm on a Din 200


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