Somac Poly Cotton Glace Thread

Somac Poly Cotton Glace Thread

Somac Polyester Cotton Glace is a multi-purpose thread made from a high tenacity polyester core with a cotton cover. This thread combines the sewing and heat dissipation properties of cotton with the superior strength of polyester. The glace (satin) finish applied to the thread further enhances the performance in heavy duty sewing applications.

For Polyester Cotton Soft Finish Thread see A&E D-Core


Polyester cotton threads are suitable for manufacturers of mattresses, canvas goods and tarpaulins, the automotive industry, boat covers, upholstery, casual clothing, sporting and leather goods.

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous filament polyester core for seam strength
  • Cotton outer cover protects the core from needle heat in high speed sewing operations
  • When sewn products become wet, the cotton cover absorbs moisture and swells which fills the needle holes to help prevent seam leakage
  • The glace finish enhances abrasion resistance and gives the finished seam a lustrous appearance
  • Available in various ticket sizes including 8, 12, 20, 25, 36, 50 and 75
  • Various spool sizes available depending on ticket size, these include 2000m, 2500m, 4000m, and 5000m
  • Stock supported colour range, special customer dyes available subject to minimum dye batch