Eco Thread

Eco Thread

Made from 100% plastic bottles

Thread maker American & Efird (A&E), has announced the release of ECO100, a new line of 100% recycled, industrial sewing threads. The launch of this product line is driven by the company’s commitment to sustainability and a surge of sustainable product pledges and commitments by prominent brands and retailers around the world. Known in the industry as the clear choice for sustainable, ethically-made, sewing threads, A&E’s ECO100 product line, that includes Perma Core® ECO100, Anefil Poly® ECO100, and Wildcat® ECO100, is the latest example of the company supporting its customers through sustainable innovation.

Consumers expect more environmentally friendly products. Brands are responding by pledging to reduce their overall environmental impact and committing to make their products more sustainable.

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Why should you prefer our 100% recycled threads?

• Our threads are made from 100% recycled polyester
• High quality sewing threads – comparable quality to
our non-recycled sewing threads!
• Wide product range
• Reliable solution for a wide range of seam operations
and applications
• GRS, REACH and OEKO-TEX® certified