Kevlar® thread is used extensively in the manufacture of protective clothing due to its resistance to chemicals and heat. Kevlar® thread has the highest specific strength of any commercially available fibre and, should an article be reinforced with Kevlar®, it does not break instantly but progressively, providing a non-catastrophic failure mode allowing a margin of safety.

This innovative thread is also light and its strength to weight ratio makes it five times as strong as steel.

Kevlar® thread has good thermal stability and retains a high percentage of room temperature properties even up to 300ºC after one to two hours exposure in air. It does not melt, or support combustion, but will oxidise at 400-430ºC. However, at temperatures as low as 196ºC Kevlar® shows no loss of strength.

Kevlar® thread is an excellent resister to chemicals and is unaffected by exposure to solvents, fuels, lubricants and salt water. Exposed Kevlar® can be affected by exposure to UV light but this is to the outer layer only and is not progressive. Kevlar® is a registered trademark of Du Pont.