A 100% short staple spun Cotton thread twisted and finished for optimum sewing performance. Ideal for applications where a natural fibre is required. Excellent choice for garment overdyeing. To download a printable pdf click here. For more information fill in an enquiry form below or email our sales team [email protected]

Fibre Type:

CP Cotton


Soft or Glazed

Thread Construction:



Casual Bottoms & Pants, Casual Shirts & Tops, Dresses & Skirts, Jeans, Kids, Overdyeing

Full Description:

A staple spun sewing thread manufactured from 100% DuPont® Nomex® designed to provide seam integrity and long term heat or flame resistance. Available in a variety of colours including uniform shades.


  • Low elongation, excellent loop formation.
  • Not effected by needle heat or pressing. Will not melt.
  • As a function of cotton, thread strength will increase when wet
  • Can be used for overdyeing garments made from 100% cotton
  • Made from 100% Cotton fibre.
  • Available in natural or colours


Features and Benefits:

  • Fibre Resistance to Acid- Poor
  • Fibre Resistance to Alkali- Good
  • Fibre Abrasion Resistance- Fair
  • Fibre Resistance to Heat- 95 deg C (Highest continuous temperature before breakdown)
  • Fibre Melting Point- N/A (Fibre does not melt)
  • D- Core®, a cotton wrapped filament polyester core thread or Anecot Plus®, a 100% long staple pima cotton are recommended for applications where a higher strength is required.
  • For increased strength and cut protection, Para-Aramid thread, such as Aneguard™ using Kevlar® or Anefil® using Kevlar® are recommended
  • Meta-Aramid prewound bobbins are available in multiple sizes
  • Cotton prewound bobbins are available in multiple sizes