A premium core spun sewing thread manufactured with continuous filament polyester core and cotton staple wrap. This construction provides a sewing thread with a higher strength over staple spun products. The cotton wrap delivers good needle heat resistance and excellent sewability. To view a downloadable pdf click here. For more information fill in an enquiry form below or email our sales team [email protected]

Fibre Type:

Polyester Core, Cotton Wrap



Thread Construction:

Core Spun- Cotton Wrap


Jeans, Kids, Outerwear, Caps & Hats, Casual Bottoms & Pants, Dresses & Skirts

Full Description:

A staple spun sewing thread manufactured from 100% DuPont® Nomex® designed to provide seam integrity and long term heat or flame resistance. Available in a variety of colours including uniform shades.


  • Excellent sewability on manual and automatic multi-directional sewing machines.
  • Good seam strength and abrasion resistance
  • Can provide a wash-down appearance
  • Available in natural, white and colours from all A&E global facilities

Features and Benefits:

  • Fibre Resistance to Acid- Excellent
  • Fibre Resistance to Alkali- Fair
  • Fibre Resistance to Bleach- Excellent
  • Fibre Abrasion Resistance- Good
  • Fibre Resistance to Heat- 145 deg C (Highest continuous temperature before breakdown)
  • Fibre Melting Point- 265 deg C
  • 100% cotton threads are available such as Anecot® , Anecot Plus®, or Anecot® Organic. For polyester wrapped, polyester core thread A&E offers Perma Core®